I’m running for Congress to restore principled leadership based on character, family and the perspective of a businessman to Mississippi’s 4th District. I understand first-hand the challenges to everyday life created by government bureaucracy, and the detrimental effects that the over-reaching, over-spending federal government has on our lives.

I’ve always taken personal responsibility for my life and the well being of my family. Congress needs proven leaders – especially now – and I’ve chosen to accept leadership roles throughout my life. I’m an active member of Resurrection Life Church in Picayune, Kiwanis Club International, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, a Life Group Instructor, an Eagle Scout, a Cub Scout Leader, an honorary member of the Order of the Arrow, and a Little League Football Coach.

Our founding fathers had a belief that public service, including the holding of elected office, was part of our civic duties to be undertaken at the sacrifice of personal business – not as a career choice. For me, running for Congress is an extension of the public service and community involvement that I’ve always believed in, rather than another career politician looking for a job. We’ve seen where that gets us, and we can do better.

I know what it means to balance a business and family budget and to live within your means, and I firmly believe that the federal government needs to be run more like a business. As a longtime executive level Federal Contractor, a federal contracting firm and a Global Technology Fortune 500 Company, I have seen first-hand that the federal government is too large, and that current government spending is unsustainable.

Most importantly, I am running for Congress to ensure that the wealth of opportunities that existed for me growing up here in Mississippi are available for our children and grandchildren. I wouldn’t be making this sacrifice without the loving support of my wife, Jennifer, and our two wonderful children, Cole and Krista Bella.

I encourage you to explore this website to learn more about my positions on the issues that are most important to Southern Mississippi and about my professional experience. You may also sign up to volunteer or to donate via the website. I look forward to earning your trust and support for the Primary and General elections this year.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for believing that Southern Mississippi’s best days are before us.


Tom Carter


I’m a lifelong resident of Mississippi who was educated here, having attended St. Patrick Catholic School, Meridian High School, Evangel College, East Mississippi Community College and Millsaps College.

I am proud of this area and I can’t imagine a better place to raise my family. I’m also a seasoned business executive who is frustrated by the constant gridlock and partisan bickering among career politicians in Congress.

I understand the need for immediate change in Washington and especially the need to be more accessible to those I will represent in our great 4th District.



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