Cutting Federal Spending

Very simply, Tom is opposed to the massive
amount of Federal spending and out-of-control
national debt. Tom will fight for a balanced budget
that maintains a strong national defense, while
protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Job Creation

When elected, Tom’s primary goal will be to create
an environment that fosters economic production,
job growth, and an increase in real wages. By
using tax relief to help Americans keep more of
what they earn, the economy will grow, resulting in
new jobs that increase our tax base.

2nd amendment

Second Amendment Rights

As a true believer in our Constitution, Tom will
defend the right to bear arms against any attempts
by the government to limit these essential rights.

Defending Traditional Values

Tom stands firm on the principal that all life is
precious regardless of how it is achieved. It is
society’s charge to protect the innocent unborn or
unwanted child.

Tom also believes in traditional marriage between
one man and one woman, and will defend
that principal by voting against any assault on
traditional marriage.



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